December 3, 2015


MOOSE HALL THEATRE COMPANY / Inwood Shakespeare Festival 2017


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ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS (Equity and Non-Equity) for cast, assistant-director, stage manager, stage crew and costume designer.

Please mail Pictures & Resumes to Moose Hall Theatre Company, 25 Indian Road Studio LA, NYC 10034 or email:

Moose Hall Theatre Company / Inwood Shakespeare Festival’s 18th Season includes Dracula! The Tale of Flesh & Blood. This is a revival of our hit production, Dracula! performed in Inwood Hill Park Peninsula NYC in 2009. Very actively seeking multi-cultural non-traditional cast. Ted Minos, Producing Artistic Director. Show runs 16 performances at the Thirteenth Street Repertory Company, 50 West 13th Street, NYC. Runs October 11-29. Producer has applied for Equity Showcase codeNo Pay.

DRACULA! THE TALE OF FLESH & BLOOD adapted from Bram Stoker’s DRACULA by Ted Minos. Director, Ted Minos. Seeking artists with good language and movement skills. Singing and puppetry skills a plus. All roles open. Very actively seeking a non-traditional multicultural cast. Note: most cast members will play multiple roles.


COUNT DRACULA: Male 30’s-60s. (All genders considered for this male role.) Very charismatic. Intense, dry humor. Charming, sexually charged, moves well.

PROFESSOR ABRAHAM VAN HELSING: late 30s-60s. Dutch PhD. Speaks with German dialect. Comfortable with science and mysticism, courageous, great energy and humor.

MINA MURRAY: 20s-30s: British. Harker’s Fiancé. Prim school mistress. Under the Count’s spell struggles with new predatory instincts.

LUCY WESTENRA: Early 20s-30s. British. Young. Precocious, beautiful. Mina’s best friend and confidant. Becomes a  dangerous vampire.

R. M. RENFIELD: 20s-60s. Inmate at lunatic asylum. Delusional, hysterical, comical. Worships the Count, plagued by conscience.

JONATHAN HARKER.: 20s-late 30s. British solicitor. Evolves from trusting/passive to a romantic-heroic.

JOHN SEWARD: 30s-60s. Administrator of insane asylum. Pragmatic, practices advanced therapy techniques. A suitor to Lucy.

QUINCEY MORRIS: 20s – 40s Rich Texan. American rustic. Has adventurous past. A suitor to Lucy.

ARTHUR HOLMWOOD: In love with Lucy, friends and the successful rival of Morris and Seward. Romantic, courageous.

JOE & MAGGIE: 20s-60s: Asylum attendants: Have seen almost everything. Resolute and ironic. In a secret relationship.

BRIDES OF DRACULA: Sexually charged and aggressive women. Alluring, dangerous. Great movement skills. Vocal skills a plus.

RUSSIAN SHIP CAPTAIN: 30’s – 60’s. Earthy intelligence, committed to ship and crew.

VINCENT: Telegraph operator. Jolly. Unintentionally crude.

LANDLADY & LANDLORD: 30’s -60’s. Goodhearted, superstitious.

RUSSIAN SHIP CAPTAIN: 30’s – 60’s. Earthy intelligence, committed to ship and crew.

GYPSYS: Male & Female, all ages. Sworn ruthless protectors of Count Dracula. Movement and fight-skills a plus.

RUSSIAN CREW: Brave crew on voyage of terror. Movement & vocal skills.

ENSEMBLE: – TRANSYLVANIA VILLAGERS, LONDON TOWNSPEOPLE, STREET WALKERS, PUPPETEERS (Bloody Jack, Child, Blue Fairy). Dialects and multi-lingual fluency a plus.

Multi-roles for most cast members. Cross-gender casting considered.

Auditions by appointment only. Generals: June 24. Callbacks: July 1. Further auditions TBA.



Send pix & résumés to Volunteers, Moose Hall Theatre Company/Inwood Shakespeare Festival, 25 Indian Road, New York, NY 10034. Those applying for crew positions, email Catherine Bruce at