December 2, 2015



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Audience – Inwood Shakespeare Festival

The Inwood Shakespeare Festival (ISF) was conceived and developed by Ted Minos as a way to bring theatre to the greater Inwood community.  ISF’s first production was launched in Inwood Hill Park on the scenic peninsula August 4, 2000. Moose Hall Theatre Company is honored to have produced and developed the Inwood Shakespeare Festival for the wonderful community of Inwood for 17 seasons! 


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“I believe that the performing arts has a vital place and earned its public space with FREE accessible, exceptional, drama, music and dance for everyone in our parks.

Help us continue and grow a cultural legacy; YOUR Inwood Shakespeare Festival, for generations to come, in our beloved, Inwood Hill Park Peninsula.  Come together!”

Ted Minos, Founder/Producing Artistic Director

Founder/ Producing Artistic Director
Ted Minos

Technical & Educational Director
Catherine Bruce

Opera Production
Cheryl Zilinyi, Frank Zilinyi 

Graphics/Poster Art
Lee Kaplan

Luke St. Francis

Parks Liaison Committee
Johathan Spencer
Gilbert Dejean
Martin Collins

Board of Directors
Ted Minos
Steve Shernicoff
Cheryl J. Zilinyi

Board of Advisors
Eugene Lipinski
John Brian Murtaugh
Aaron Simms

In Memoriam

Homer Young-Kennedy, III

Homer, our wonderful advisor and friend. He is greatly missed



2000   Twelfth Night or What You Will
2001   Macbeth
                 Evening at the RING; Songs & Poetry/Lorca & Shakespeare (In English & Spanish)
2002  The Merry Wives of Windsor
                 La Vida es Sueño (en español)
                 Richard the Third
2003   A Midsummer Night’s Dream
                 Treasure Island       
2004   The Taming of the Shrew
                  Peter & The Wolf & Selected Pieces  – The Metropolitan Soloists
                  Arabian Nights, An Offering of Magic & Hope
2005   Henry V
                 Peter & The Wolf and Babar The Elephant – The Metropolitan Soloists
                 The Three Musketeers
2006   Much Ado About Nothing
                 Tubby the Tuba & Other Tales – The Metropolitan Soloists
                 The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
2007   Julius Caesar
                 Peter & The Wolf & Other Selections – The Metropolitan Soloists
2008   Romeo & Juliet
                  The Unhappy Aardvark, The Bassoonist of Hamelin, The Lion & the Mouse – The Metropolitan Soloists
                  Puccini’s La Bohème (Introducing ISF free Opera in the Park)
                  The Curse of Capistrano – ¡El Zorro! (¡con varios chistes en español de vez en cuando!)
2009   The Merchant of Venice
                  Lupin the Pot-Bellied Pig and  Hansel & Gretel – featuring the Metropolitan Soloists
                  10th Anniversary Celebration  Fundraiser Sup & Sack In The Sunset – with The David Kolker Band
2010   The Comedy of Errors
                  Moose Hall  Chamber Ensemble: The Witch’s Cat Who Lost  Her Spells  – The Unhappy Aardvark
                  Tombstone: Saga of Americans – The West
2011   Othello
                  Moose Hall  Chamber Ensemble: How Brer Raccoon Outsmarted the Frogs – The Frog Prince
                  War of the Worlds
2012   As You Like It
                  Don Pasquale (& His Trophy Wife) (ISF free Opera in the Park)
                  Moose Hall  Chamber Ensemble: Animal Tales
                  The Golem, Heart of Light, Mind of Darkness
2013   King Lear
                   Moose Hall  Chamber Ensemble: Tikki Tikki Tembo
                  Zapata! Tiger of Morelos
2014   The Tempest
                   Moose Hall  Chamber Ensemble: Peter & The Wolf
                 Eugene Ionesco’s Rhinoceros
2015   Hamlet
                 Moose Hall  Chamber Ensemble: The Witch’s Cat Who Lost Her Spells
                Henry IV (parts 1 & 2)
2016   The Two Gentlemen of Verona